Johan Wieslander

Johan Wieslander is an experienced management consultant turned business executive, venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur.

The tougher a challenge is, the more exciting Johan finds it. He is driven by opportunities to turn businesses around, to change business models for the better and to go all out for rapid growth. His core skill is leading people towards a clear vision by combining long term goals with short term actions and targets.

Johan has more than 10 years executive management experience in public companies as COO, EVP, CEO, chairman and main shareholder. He has led three IPOs, a merger, a de-listing and numerous acquisitions.

As a venture capitalist Johan focuses on the services, IT and renewables sectors, working close to his investments through active board positions or management roles.

Johan has an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, and a BA in Business Administration and Economics from the same university’s School of Business, Economics and Law.

My personal motto: Make it happen!