Aurentor How consulting should be.

Aurentor is a small team of experienced managers, business owners and consultants who share two simple aims: to deliver real, lasting turnarounds, transitions and transformations for our clients, and to change the way people think about consultants.

How do we do it? By rejecting the old-fashioned, inefficient consultancy model, by aligning our objectives perfectly with those of our clients, and by rolling up our sleeves and working side by side with them and their employees so we make their business better, together.

Companies around the world trust Aurentor to solve their issues and help drive their businesses forward. And we repay that trust with dedication, determination… and results.

What we believe

Consulting. Rethought. Rebuilt. Refreshed.

Though we come from a business consultancy background, we reject the current expensive, inefficient and damaging consultancy model. Our mission is to put people before process, and the long term before the short, for the good of our clients, our business partners and our profession.

We believe in offering our clients senior consultants armed with years of relevant expertise. That way we offer high-impact, cost-effective consultancy – and our clients get the results they need when they need them.

We aim to re-establish the good reputation of consulting:

  • We align our objectives with our clients’ objectives.
  • We never compromise on doing what is right for our clients.
  • We embrace the fact we don’t know everything. We assume responsibility for getting the results our clients need by hiring, managing and working in partnership with external specialists offering specific skills.
  • We believe in the quietness of efficiency. We work hard, we work effectively… and we never stop until the job is done.
  • We ignore short term incentives – such as maximising billable hours – in favour of creating long-term sustainable partnerships.
  • We enjoy working hard in a winning culture with very high standards. We would rather walk away from a project than compromise our principles.
  • We want to be judged, and rewarded, according to the results we deliver.
  • We are always true to our clients, and always true to ourselves.

How we work

We don’t see our business as a job: we see it as a mission.
And our unique approach to adding value is divided into four parts.

Our business is based on trust, confidence and relationships with our clients that can last for decades. All our clients share our desire for delivering results, adding value and achieving true transformation, and they share our willingness to change, to take difficult decisions and to do whatever it takes to make them happen.

Above everything, we are business people. We begin every project by assessing the possibility we have to effect positive change – and we are prepared to put our own money where our mouth is through investing in your business. We set remuneration models that match our expectations with those of our clients, handling risk in return for our rewards.

We have an established, trusted network of specialized complementary business partners, who work with us when a project includes work outside our skill sets. We work with people we trust to add their specialist competence to our projects, and who have proven themselves able to learn, to adapt and to succeed. And, just as we do with our clients, we like to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Our business partners all share our determination to solve problems, deliver hands on results rather than reports and drive positive change for our clients.

We work in small teams of experienced and highly skilled individuals. So unlike many of our competitors we don’t hire recent graduates by the meter. Instead we look for exceptional, experienced individuals who have a complete and developed set of qualities and skills:

  • Entrepreneurial – ambition and ability to identify the value potential in our clients’ businesses.
  • Problem solving – acting quickly, decisively and with integrity to identify issues, achieve solutions, establish agreements and enable functional relationships.
  • Focus – personally and professionally ambitious, goal and results-oriented, self-confident relationship leaders, with the willingness to learn, develop, assume responsibility, and assist in the development of others.
  • High function – able to demonstrate a variety of skills including consultancy, horizontal and vertical communications and analytics.
  • Sociability – the ability to win, build and develop relationships with clients, and to nurture mutually rewarding relationships with colleagues and business partners.


Johan Bolin

Johan Bolin

Johan Wieslander

Johan Wieslander

Petter Lundgren

Petter Lundgren

Fredrik Enquist

Fredrik Enquist

Work with us

Aurentor is on a quest. A quest to rebuild the reputation of consultancy through a laser-focused approach to adding value, total dedication to our clients and relentless hard work. Which means that if you want to join us, you’ll have to be someone special.

Job Specification

As demand for our services continues to grow, we are looking for talented management consultants to join our team in Stockholm.

We don’t hire recent graduates by the meter. Instead, we search for exceptional, experienced individuals. People with a complete, developed set of qualities and skills who can demonstrate high performance in the key dimensions which make Aurentor different:

  • Client relationships
  • Business acumen
  • Business partnerships
  • Consulting competence

We generally consider candidates with 10+ years of experience in management consulting (probably with a well-respected management consultancy firm), and we expect all candidates to fit the following profile:

  • Experience in Turnarounds, Transitions and Transformations
  • Proven track record of delivering tangible high value for clients
  • Proven management experience – leading multi-competence teams to successful delivery
  • A strong ambition to further develop the ability to build and strengthen our clients’ businesses.

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of joining Aurentor, please contact Johan Bolin.


Visiting address: Norrmalmstorg 14, Stockholm
Mailing address: Smålandsgatan 14, 111 46 Stockholm

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